The Importance of Home Inspections and Common Problems

When purchasing a new home the importance of a home inspection should never be overlooked. When dealing with what may be the largest capital investment of your life, ensuring you know exactly what you are dealing with is important. When a seller puts their home on the market they must disclose problems and latent defects on the Property Disclosure Statement. In some cases, sellers will even commission a home inspection before their home goes on the market to rectify any problems and have a deeper understanding of the condition of their home to assist with pricing. Under almost all conditions it is recommended buyers organize their own independent home inspection too; this is often worked into the contract as one of the subjects to sale.

Why get a home inspection?

The last thing any buyer wants is to take on a substantial mortgage only to find out later that there are some serious defects to the property that need attention and a significant financial investment. To know exactly what you are getting into inserting a clause into the contract of purchase and sale which makes way for a satisfactory home inspection is essential and reduces the risk of buying a home. By doing this, buyers can ensure they are happy with the condition of the home before contract conditions are removed, and if any problems or defects arise, they can be addressed with the sellers while the contract is still open for negotiation.

When to get one?

Many sellers opt to have a home inspection before their home goes on the market to get a deeper understanding of the condition of their property, fix any problems or maintenance issues that could delay the contract process, and come up with a solid pricing strategy. It is up to the buyer whether they choose to use this home inspection, or commission one on their own. In a competitive marketplace with low inventory some buyers are bringing inspectors along with them during the first preview of the home so they can inspect many aspects on the spot, helping the buyer make an immediate decision to write an offer or not. In most cases home inspection take place after an offer has been accepted. No matter the age or apparent condition of the home a home inspection is always recommended.

What does it cover?

Building inspectors work within a scope of inspection and best practices that outlines what they are to cover during the inspection. In the near future inspections will be standardized by the provincial government so each building inspector will be required to perform core duties. A home inspection covers an inspection of the building envelope, the overall structure, and major systems and components. Components that aren’t performing optimally will be identified. Systems (such as electrical, plumbing) will be assessed for optimal functioning. A home inspection takes 1.5- 3.5 hours and usually costs between $400-$800.

What are some common problems in Whistler and Sea to Sky?

The Sea to Sky Corridor is a rainforest, and here in Whistler we experience extreme seasonal shifts which can impact the structural integrity and internal systems in a home. Mouldy attics is one of the most common home ailments. This is due to the wet weather and often takes a misplaced vent to create moisture build up in the attic which results in mould. Asbestos is another common defect in homes built prior to 1990. If your home inspector detects there may be asbestos present further evaluation and remediation may be required. Other common problems of homes in Whistler include improper exterior drainage, exterior wood deterioration, damaged electrical wires due to rodents, and problems with building insulation.

Whether working for the buyer or the seller I am able to connect my clients with experienced and qualified building inspectors in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor, and work with clients to assess reports and make suitable decisions in light of results from a home inspection. Contact me today if you are looking at selling or purchasing property in Whistler.

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