Whistler Market Snapshot – November 2022

Whistler Real Estate – Supply and Demand
Whistler is a ‘small’ market with a limited number of properties and close to zero expansion, development or new land to be added.

Below we have summarized the current active listings and sales in the past 12 months for Whistler to give a more in-depth insight into the current market and trends within in.

Single Family Homes (‘Chalet’)





Phase 2 (restricted owner use):

Vacant Land

Shared Ownership


2022: Sales in all segments of Whistler Market by month
October: 40
September: 37
August: 41
July: 22
June: 37
May: 45
April: 63
March: 78
February: 83
January: 55

December: 53
November: 77


Active Listings and Sales in Whistler (past 5 years)

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