Quick and Easy Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home


We’re heading into Spring, a popular time for people to sell their homes. If you’ve been considering selling but aren’t sure your home is ready, or are ready to sell and want to know how to get the maximum amount for your property, here are some quick and easy ways to increase the resale value of your home. With the current market conditions here in Whistler properties are selling in record time. That doesn’t mean these simple fixes should be overlooked as they are proven to increase the value of homes giving you more money in your pocket.


There is nothing more off putting than walking into a home full of clutter. Buyers get turned off when faced with overwhelming amounts of personal effects that prevent them from being able to see themselves living in your property. Before putting your home on the market do a sweep through of your home and hide the clutter. Take down family photos, remove personal items and ensure each room looks nice and tidy. Your going to be moving soon anyway, so why not start packing away unnecessary items that cause clutter now.


Staging a home works wonders for first impressions and overall flow and feel of a home. Simple staging can involve moving around furniture, strategically placing décor items on the kitchen table, counter and bathroom vanities, and adding some plant-life and light in certain areas. Professional staging takes this up a level by bringing in specific items of furniture, décor, plants etc. into your home giving it a magazine cover worthy feel. If you’re looking to have your home professionally staged before you sell, I can recommend some local stagers.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

The front of your home is the first thing people see and is often the determinant if someone chooses to view inside of the home or not. Enhance your curb appeal by keeping the lawns and gardens neat and trimmed, remove front door clutter, toys and equipment from the front of your home, and create a welcoming entrance that greets people upon arrival. If buyers have a good first-impression of the exterior of your home they are more likely to have a better experience once inside.


Don’t overlook the importance of thoroughly cleaning your home before showings and open houses. A clean home presents much better than a dirty one and automatically gives the buyer an impression that the home is cared for. If you aren’t an expert cleaner, think about outsourcing this. Don’t forget about the smell either. Masking odours with flowery perfumed air fresheners and cleaners doesn’t fool anyone. Allowing natural airflow and being mindful of smells (from pets, cooking, etc.) will make viewing your home a much more pleasurable experience for buyers.


Nothing freshens up a home more than a fresh new lick of paint. If you’re home needs a facelift and you’ve got time before it goes on the market, a touch of new paint will make your home pop in the eyes of buyers. Make sure to choose neutral colours. Even though you like the shade of  mint green in the bathroom future buyers might not look upon it as fondly.

Get Good Photos

Good photos sell houses. With over 90 percent of buyers starting their property search online, a photo is usually the first piece of information a buyer sees about your home. Investing in quality photos will convert interested buyers into active ones and will get them in the front door. All clients of mine receive high quality professional photos as part of their listing package.

The most important thing to look for when wanting to get the maximum amount of money for your home is choosing the right Realtor. As one of the top real estate agents in Whistler I have a proven track record of helping sellers negotiate favourable deals and getting more for their home. Contact Dave Burch today for a free market evaluation of your Whistler home.

Dave Burch

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