How to Sell Your Whistler Home by Winter


Whistler is firmly in a seller’s market and demand is ramping up for the upcoming ski season – it’s the perfect recipe for selling your Whistler property.

Like clockwork, as soon as the summer weather fades, the inboxes of Whistler real estate agents get a little fuller as prospective buyers start thinking about the winter season ahead.

Skiers, snowboarders, and savvy investors alike focus on how convenient it would be to have a home base by the slopes. What better way to enjoy an epic winter?

But selling a home doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to seize the opportunity of buyers hoping to take possession in time for Christmas, you need to act quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to win the battle against the clock.

Assemble Your Team

One of the most time consuming processes of selling a property is coordinating the various people involved in the sale. Don’t wait to contact the service providers that will play a role in the selling process:

  • Begin by hiring an experienced REALTOR®. Read my testimonials here, and give me a call to learn more about how I can help you sell your property quickly.
  • If you have a mortgage on the property, contact your mortgage broker or the lender to discuss what options you have to terminate or port the mortgage.
  • Find a real estate lawyer who is familiar with Whistler housing – I can provide recommendations if required.
  • If you’re serious about selling quickly and have concerns about the state of your property (or if you just want to cover your bases), you might consider getting an inspection done to reveal any issues you may have to contend with. This can help uncover major problems that could stall or prevent a sale down the road.

Ensure the Price Is Right

The key to selling a property quickly is effective pricing. Though we are in a seller’s market, buyers are well informed about market conditions and comparable sales. They recognize that they need to make competitive offers, but they are cautious about overpaying for a property. If you price your property well above its market value, it may see limited action until the price is adjusted to better reflect its true value.

List Now

The sooner your property is listed, the sooner potential buyers will see it – it’s as simple as that. Let’s get started in listing your property, including filling out the necessary forms, getting it cleaned up for marketing and showings, and scheduling a photographer to take professional photos of the property.

Be Available

You can increase your odds of selling quickly by making the property available for showings. If you are able to accommodate showings on short notice, you are increasing the audience of potential buyers. If you have renters in your unit, be aware of existing legislation.

Stay in Touch

I will be sending you various forms to fill out and lists of paperwork to assemble. Each of these documents will be explained to you in detail throughout the sales process. You can help speed things along by filling all out the documents completely and accurately.

One step that typically involves a lot of signatures, initials, and back-and-forth emailing is the negotiation process. Typically, the faster we are able to complete these documents on our end, the faster we can send them off to the other party for their response. Having relying internet access and being responsive to phone calls will ensure that you don’t miss any important updates.

Dave Burch

Buying and selling homes can be stressful. Dave streamlines the process. No wild expectations. Just honesty, clarity and the results that come with hard work. Dave Burch knows Whistler inside out, and shares his knowledge with enthusiasm.

Call him. He will answer.